Ek Sakha - The registered organization at New Delhi with various objectives to serve society and nation at its best. Our current initiatives are mentioned below -

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To organize literacy campaigns, formal education, non-formal education, adult education, tutorial classes and vocational trainings of various type for empowerment for women, children, youth and farmers to realize the goal of literate and self-reliant India.

To organize training, workshop, seminars for occupations at different levels to strength and enhance the pace of social development.


Our purpose is to develop a broad platform for like minded people to know about each other, Integrate any similar effort around the country, share experiences and help each other in the hour of need. We are sure that it will help us to grow socially, professionally and strengthen the relationship between us.

We welcome any suggession to make it better. You can contact us or email me on info@sakha.org.in.


Raghvendra Singh